South Sea Pearls Are Special – Here's Why

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If you’re interested in pearl jewelry then you should seize every opportunity to learn as much as you can about these marvelous natural creations, especially South Sea pearls.

South Sea pearls are a rare and beautiful gift of nature. They’re historically regarded as one of the most beautiful and valuable pearls on the planet.

There’s a reason that South Sea pearls are considered the most valuable of their kind. We’re here to tell you why.

Here is why South Sea pearls are so valuable:

The Production Process Is Very Sophisticated



South Sea pearls can be easily distinguished from other types. Why? Because they possess an undeniable beauty, which allows them to easily captivate our attention and inspire profound admiration.

But to truly understand their beauty, you should discover the South Sea production process. Did you know that it takes up to five years to produce just one pearl? First, a baby oyster has to mature. This process takes up to two years. And then, an additional two to three years are required for the pearl to be produced and to grow.

South Sea Pearl Value

The very fact that you could be waiting 4 to 5 years to get just one pearl is enough to explain the high value of South Sea pearls, but there’s more to it.

South Sea pearls are produced by the rarest pearl oyster.

These pearls are produced by the largest variety of pearl oyster – the Pinctada maxima. At the same time, this is the rarest oyster and it is very hard to come by and to culture.

South Sea pearls are the largest of all pearls out there

South Sea White pearl ring wrapped with diamonds

Since the Pinctada maxima are one of the largest pearl oysters out there, it’s quite logical that it can produce one of the largest pearl varieties. In fact, the South Sea pearl typically can range in size from 9 to 20mm.

An oyster usually produces just one pearl.

4 years is a long period to wait for just one pearl, but you should also know that each oyster only produces a single pear. In some rare occasions, some oysters can produce two pearls in their lifespan.

This oyster species requires very specific conditions to live and produce pearls.

The Pinctada maxima are not the rarest pearl oysters species by mere chance. These oysters require very specific conditions to live and produce pearls. Not only does the water have to be pristine but also rich in nutrients and minerals and of the perfectly warm temperature.

These pearls are valued more because of their nacre layer.

When compared to other pearls, South Sea pearls have the largest nacre layer. Its exceptional thickness ranges from 2 to 4mm, which places them on the throne of the most valued pearls.

They Come in a Variety of Colors



South Sea pearls come in a variety of colors. This makes them very suitable material to work. Jewelers love these pearls, as they give them all the freedom they need to create masterpiece necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The varied colors allow the pearls to be placed in jewelry made of different materials.

Did you know that their color depends on the color of their oyster host? For instance, the silver-lipped oysters produce silver and white-colored pearls, while their golden-lipped relatives produce cream to rich-gold-colored pearls. The golden ones are the rarest of all pearl varieties produced by these oysters.

The largest South Sea pearl producers are located in Australia and Philippines, each one specializing in producing pearls of specific colors. For instance, Australia is famous for its marvelous white and silver South Sea pearls, while the Philippines are known for some of the richest golden South Sea pearls.

Hopefully, all this information has cleared things up and helped you understand why these pearls are so special and highly valued. If you’re looking into purchasing a South Sea pearl, take a look at the vast selection of Kyllonen Luxury South Sea pearls.