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Diamond Color

Why are some Diamond Yellow?

The yellow color in diamonds comes from the presences nitrogen and is graded on a scale of D to Z from GIA. D, E, and F are considered to be colorless diamonds and can only be distinguished by experts using a diamond color master set to compare colors. G-J are in the Near Colorless range and are very suitable for any color of metal. Kyllonen does not carry any diamonds below the near colorless range. GIA also grades diamonds beyond Z color, which are considered fancy color diamonds. If you want to learn more about fancy colored diamonds you can click here.

Diamond Sparkle

Does Diamond Color Affect Sparkle?

The color of diamond does NOT affect the sparkle or brilliance of the diamond as it is just the hue of the diamond. When comparing diamonds face up a near colorless diamonds, such as H color, to a colorless diamnod, such as D color, a non-expert will struggle to tell the difference. Of the 4c's Cut is the most influential to diamond sparkle, followed by clarity. In fact, cut is so influential that it actually affects the color of the diamond as well. Deeper cut diamonds will cause color of the diamond to appear darker.

Best Diamond to Buy

What Color Diamond is best?

The question that most buyers struggle with is what color diamond should I buy and how much differece does the color really make? At Kyllonen we only carry near colorless and colorless diamonds. These ranges are suitable for all metal types and colors. If you are going for yellow or rose gold diamond, you can purhcase lower color diamond to preserve value. White Golds and platinums we usually suggest H color or above to avoid seeing any yellow tint. Color tint is more obvious from the sides of the diamond, because of this, if you select an open prong setting, a G or above is recommended.

Diamond Color Categories

I-J The Budget Buy

G-H The Value Buy

E-F The Quality Buy

D The Perfectionist

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