Gem Quality Freshwater Pearls - An Affordable Luxury

Kyllonen Luxury uses gem quality Freshwater pearls in every piece of our pearl jewelry. From stunning pearl strands to bold colored pearl earrings, Kyllonen presents to you the most luxurious Freshwater pearl jewelry at prices affordable to the masses. 

With 18K gold and gem quality Freshwater pearls, our pearl jewelry is something you won't find anywhere else. Every single piece is an original crafted design. The multitude of style, designs, and colors creates a fit for any occasion. The purchase of a beautiful pearl ring or set of unique Freshwater pearl earrings has never been easier with Kyllonen Luxury original and affordable Freshwater pearl designs.

Our variety of Freshwater pearls are available for purchase today! Kyllonen Luxury’s one-of-a-kind affordable Freshwater pearl jewelry can be yours with just a simple online order. Take a look at our selection of original gem quality pearls!