Pearl Care

South Sea Gold Pearl Strand in an Oyster Shell

The Pearl

Pearls are the only organic gemstone in the world, which makes them incredibility special and unique. Because of this, pearls require special care because they are softer than other common gemstones and are more easily scratched or damaged. Follow the instructions and you will cherish your pearls for many years.

Wearing Pearls

Pearls should not be worn with abrasive fabrics such as coarse wools. These fabrics can cause small abrasions which take away from the overall beauty of the pearl.

Pearls should be put on last and taken off first with your outfit. This is so your pearls avoid unnecessary contact with oils and chemicals, such as perfumes, hairspray, make-up and other cosmetics. Your pearls are porous, which means they will absorb these materials and will diminish or damage their beauty.

Situations to Avoid

Avoid wearing pearls in situation where you will perspire. The pH levels in your sweat can damage the pearls. So it is best to take off in extreme heat or while preforming sports activities.

Avoid wearing pearls while swimming, entering a sauna, or extreme heat. These situations stretch the silk on pearl strands and damage the connection to any jewelry pieces attached to the pearls.

Avoid wearing pearls while wearing sun block or other creams/chemicals as they chemicals and oils may damage the quality of the pearl


After wear, it is suggest you wipe your pearls with a damp soft cloth to remove any residue from oils from your skin.

If you spill anything anything on your pearls such as food, wine, or any other substance; you should gently wash your pearls with a distilled water, a soft, and gentle soap (no detergents).

Avoid cleaning your pearls with any other substance or jewelry cleaners, as they will damage your pearls.


Pearls should be stored separate from you other jewelry items to avoid scratches from gemstones, pins, clasps, chains, or any other sharp objects.

Pearls should be stored on a soft surface such as the jewelry box that comes with your pearls or wrapped in a soft cloth.

Pearls should not be stored in a dry place for prolonged periods of time as this is bad for the surface of the pearl and cause it to become dry or brittle. So please wear your pearls, they will thank you for it!


Your pearl jewelry will require some maintenance from time to time. You should inspect your jewelry components such as prongs, clasps, earring backings, etc.. These items may wear or damage over time and require repair.

Pearls are strung on fine quality silk. The silk may stretch or loosen over time and have to be restrung. It is recommended to get your pearls restrung every year to insure the highest quality.