Gem Quality Original Pearl Earrings

Kyllonen Luxury dedicates countless hours to designing the most beautiful original earrings with the most stunning pearls in all of the oceans. From Akoya pearls to Tahitian Black pearls, our one-of-a-kind earring designs incorporate treasures from all over the planet at prices affordable to everyone.

Whether you’re looking for an affordably priced set of traditional Freshwater pearl earrings or a unique pair of Tahitian hook earrings, Kyllonen Luxury can provide you with the designs of your dreams. All of our pearls are 100% gem quality with 18K gold so you’re guaranteed the highest quality earrings that are built to last.

Kyllonen Luxury offers all our original pearl jewelry designs at reasonable prices making our designs affordable to the masses.  Take a look at our vast selection of stunning pearl earrings today!