18K Gem Quality Japanese Akoya Pearl Designs

One of Kyllonen Luxury’s specialties is the Japanese Akoya pearl. Every one of our pieces made with Akoya pearls is of the highest gem quality. These unique pearls make beautiful designs and they’re a favorite of Kyllonen to work with.

Akoya pearls are truly a treasured beauty. These unique pearls are cultured in Japanese pearl farms. These gem quality pearls are known for their striking white color with a rose overtone. The Akoya pearl does bear a slight resemblance to the freshwater pearl, but the Akoya pearl does have a larger, rounder, and more lustrous aesthetic.

Every one of Kyllonen Luxury’s Akoya pearls is gem quality. Each Akoya pearl piece is an original Kyllonen luxury design. From stunning Akoya pearl strands to unique Akoya rings, our designs are one-of-a-kind. 

Our variety of Akoya pearls are available for purchase directly on our site. Take a look at our bountiful selection today and get started building your Akoya pearl collection today!