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Types of Flaws in Diamonds
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What is Diamond Clarity?

Diamond Clarity refers to the flaws or imperfects that are on a diamond. These often small imperfections come in many different types and develope within a diamond when they are formed. We use a grading scaled to determine how much imperfections are on a particular diamond. The scale starts out with 3 different levels of Included Diamonds,which are very flawed and visible to the naked eye. Next is 2 levels of Slightly Included,Diamonds at this level are sometimes eye clean and may have some potential structure issues. Then comes Very Slightly Included which also carries 2 different levels.These diamonds are eyeclean and free of troublesome flaws. Next is 2 levels Very Very Slightly Included;these flaws are difficult for even trained professionals to spot. Lastly, we have Internally Flawless and Flawless.Internally Flawless will display minor polishing, while Flawless is perfection. For information on flaw types click here.

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Does Diamond Clarity Sparkle?

Many People ask us if the clarity of a diamond can affect the sparkle. The answer is, sometimes. This is because there are many different types flaws for diamonds, some worse than others. However, if you purchase a diamonds from Kyllonen we guarantee all of our handselected diamonds will not contain any flaws which can affect the beauty or the structure your diamond. Generally, Diamonds at the VS1 or VS2 or higher will be safe from concern. Lower than this level is where caution is needed. Not only does Kyllonen only sell SI1 or higher, but we are selective of which flaws are allowable.

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What is Best Diamond Clarity to Buy?

The question you must wonder by now is, what does all of this mean? Which diamond clarity should I buy? We recommend buying VS or higher as this the beginning range for top quality diamonds; however, because we have experts handselect diamonds we can guarantee the quality and integrety of our SI1 Diamonds. We have also compiled some extra data and recommendations below to help you make the best possible decision for your perfect Diamond.

Shopping for Diamond Clarity

SI1 The Budget Buy

VS1-VS2 The Value Buy

VVS1-VVS2 The Quality Buy

FL-IF The Perfectionist

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