Laurel South Sea Pearl Ring

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2.20ct | South Sea White | 18k Gold

Laurel South Sea Pearl Ring On Blue Cloth
  • Laurel Pearl Ring
  • Tahitian Black Pearl
  • 2.2ct Diamond G-H Color, VS1-VS2

*Made-to-Order Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

The Design Story...

The Laurel Pearl Ring is inspired by the beauty of laurels elegantly twisting and wrapping the pearl, safely securing it with its leaves.

Laurel leaves have been used as a symbol of honor and victory since the time of the ancient Greaks, as well as Romans. We at Kyllonen, are honored to behold a lovely treasure of the sea, the pearl.

This ring features brilliant cut round diamonds as well as perfectly placed marquise diamonds that will really make this ring stand out.

Join the thousand who display the elegant curves and design of Kyllonen Pearl Jewelry.



James Kyllonen CEO of Kyllonen Luxury

The Designer

Kyllonen Luxury is proud that our designs are unique to our brand and are one-of-a-kind.

Each of our pieces of jewelry is meticulously designed and refined to display elegance and beauty by the founder James Kyllonen.

Kyllonen’s designs use only the highest quality materials and consider all facets of design from durability, wearability, and overall aesthetics.


Pearl Quality

  • Kyllonen only selects the Top 1% of each pearl harvest.


  • Every pearl we sell is handselected by Kyllonen'sfounder James Kyllonen, ensuring the quality of each pearl.


  • Kyllonen soucers pearls from all over the world from places such as Japan, China, Philippines, Australia, and French Polynesia.

Pearl Grading

Pearl Grading Chart

Jewelry Quality

Kyllonen Quality

Kyllonen has strict quality control material requirements.

Whether it is a ring made from 18k gold or accessories, Kyllonen strictly controls the gold material and has minimum requirements for its thickness and gold content to ensure that the finished product is luxury quality.

Choosing Kyllonen is about choosing high quality.

The Process

Jewelry Process

Each piece of jewelry goes through a process of Design, Creation, and Completion

Each design starts as an original sketch that is converted into 3d design.

We take those 3d designs and begin to set gems and polish until we have completed the perfect piece.

Whats Included

Elegant Wood Box with Piano Finish

Specialized Micro Cloth Design to Never Scratch.

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