Pearls from the Philippines

December 11, 2018 0 Comments

When talking about the Philippines and pearls, we can't help but mention the South Sea pearls. Being one of the most popular pearls in the world, these golden gems are true wonders of nature. There's a whole culture of pearl farming in the Philippines and no one understands the nature of pearls better than their natives. The beauty and aquatic bounty are truly incredible.

Pearl farmers, mostly controlled by Jewelmer, have made a science out of the pearl farming industry. They go to staggering depths to do this. Learning from the Japanese, they were able to successfully culture beautiful deep gold pearl colors while maintaining the cleanliness of the ocean and the safety of the oysters. It’s a long and difficult process with over 360 steps, but it’s worth it because the Gold South Sea pearls from the Philippines are among the most valuable pearls on the market.

In ancient times, there was even an ancient pearl trade route, known as the Pearl Road, where world merchants, mostly the Chinese, went to trade with nomads for pearls. Today, the Pinctada maxima, a species of pearl oysters, have been farmed as the most precious pearl oyster for coaxing these living natural gems.

Here is everything you need to know about the beautiful pearls of the Philippines:

South Sea Pearls – Perfection in Natural Form

The Philippines are home to Southern Palawan, a place where the most beautiful pearls have been farmed. What makes the Southern Palawan so special is that its environment is still untouched by the human hand, so it's still pristine. Such a natural habitat allows pearls to grow in a perfect environment, peacefully and in pure harmony and equilibrium with the world and nature around them.

These pearls have a natural and rich golden color due to a breeding process that has been lead to pure perfection. The gold-lipped oysters produce the most beautiful and perfect golden pearls. Lustrous and large in size, their deep gold color is what makes them unique on the market.

That's also how pearl lovers and collectors from all over the world know that they are pearls from the Philippines. Such pearls are only characteristic to this part of the world, which greatly increases the South Sea pearl value.

The Wonders of Nature

The Philippine South Sea pearls come in natural and warm colors. They can range from rich and deep gold to champagne gold, creme rose, silvery, silvery white, cream, and white. Just as they vary in color, they also vary in shape. In fact, the uniqueness and variety of pearl shapes and colors are what puts the South Sea pearls above others. The darker the color the more valuable the pearl.

With that in mind, the round Gold South Sea pearls are the rarest and most precious ones. They are considered to be of the rarest, which comes in AAA pearl quality and even Gem quality. Such pearls are second only to pure perfection. The most popular shapes are round, circled or semi-baroque, baroque, button, oval, and drop. Traditionally, round and drop shapes get most of the attention for their combination or rareness and beauty.

These pearls are considered a national pride in the Philippines, which adds a special value to them. Along with the fact that these pearls are the only living gems in the world, these are truly the wonders of nature.

The most distinguishable feature of Philippines Gold pearls versus other locations are the Superior Gold pearls. This is the deepest color of gold pearls on the color scale, which simply cannot be achieved outside of the Philippines. It’s the calling card of a Filipino Gold Pearl.

Luster and Skin Purity

Since these gems are completely created by nature, their surfaces sometimes come with certain irregularities. When it comes to the pearl trade, most professionals and specialists prefer a flawless surface, but they are very hard to come by. Therefore, flawless and near flawless South Sea Pearls have a price premium.

Only the best and highest quality producers are capable of obtaining flawless and near flawless South Sea pearls. These pearls are known for their unique and extremely rich satin-like luster. Such luster is the result of the combination of outer surface and sheen. Therefore, all wearers can count on enhanced inner glow due to such brilliant luster.

Additionally, the South Sea pearl is known for its inner glow, also known as the Orient. Gold South Sea pearls orient usually comes in a greenish to red color.

The pearls of the Philippines are some of the most beautiful wonders nature has to offer. If you’re looking to purchase a South Sea pearl of your own, check out Kyllonen’s selection of South Sea pearls. From gold to flawless white, you’re sure to find the South Sea pearl of your dreams!