2019 Pearl Fashion Trends

January 18, 2019 0 Comments


In mythology, pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. On catwalks and beyond, the glistening drop suggests sophistication and refinement. And, thanks to Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, it’s now an important part of fashion trends for 2019. This serene beauty of a gem is about to take 2019 by storm. 

Here are the 2019 pearl fashion trends to look forward to: 

The Return of the Baroque Pearl

Tokyo-based AMBUSH is not really known for being faint or delicate. Their signature mark - a fashion accessory that plays on trends, but never takes itself too seriously - is large and obvious in this winter’s collection too. This time, however, AMBUSH has dropped a new take on pearls that includes a brazen baroque pearl, initiating a whole new fashion movement centered around extra-large pearls.

Auntie Pearl’s Pearls

As if taken directly from your favorite auntie’s jewelry box, the next among 2019 pearl fashion trends we predict is huge retro earrings studded with gold and dappled with pearls. It’s another one of Chanel’s merits, of course, first introduced in the 1990s and now revamped for the 2018/2019 tribute collection. We’ve seen similar earrings, bracelets, and rings at Ming Yu Wang, and we want them all.

Chokers, but Elegant

The rock n’ roll leather string choker is making a royal comeback, all matured and dressed up. Among other collections presented at the New York Fashion Week for spring/summer 2019, Yuna Yang’s may be the most gorgeous, at least when it comes to this specific trend. Her extravagant choker bears the traditional black, leathery appearance of its teen sister, only embellished with milk-white pearl orbs.

The Eccentric Hoop

A brilliant earring trend from the early 2000s is being recreated with a touch of class. Hoops are now stronger than ever, allowing jewelry masters like Rodarte and Prabal Gurung to add a pearl or two to the mix. The classic thin hoop that is now larger than life includes glistening spheres of different sizes and colors, making it a perfect addition to formal and casual winter outfits.

Celestial Talismans

Medallions, charms, and talismans being revisited by high-end jewelry designers. Add a pearl, and you’ve got yourself a lunar talisman. Oscar de la Renta did this best, combining the celestial pearl with African American gold and leather.

The Chanel Pearl

Chanel’s pearl necklace boasts a call-back to fashion’s history with this piece. And while others play with pearls in some new and unusual ways, Karl Lagerfeld indifferently sticks with Coco’s original design, stitching soft white lustrous pearls to headbands and collars. The only novelty is, the Chanel pearl has grown a little bigger.

Other pearl fashion trends for the following year include Gucci’s Rennesaince earrings with fastidious raindrop-shaped pearls, as well as their multi-string necklaces with statement brooches to compliment them. Timeless and dignified, the pearl has returned to reign the world of fashion in 2019. If you’re looking to take advantage of some of these trends before they hit the mainstream, be sure to browse through our selection of unique pearl jewelry.