2019 Diamond Style Trends

January 18, 2019 0 Comments

The big white rock is getting replaced with unique colored diamonds in 2019 diamond style trends, as ladies are now looking beyond what's considered time-honored in order to explore their unique personalities. And blue and pink are not the only colors they’re choosing - as both a vow and a fashion statement, the diamond engagement ring is lately becoming less classic and more à la mode.

These are our favorite 2019 diamond style trends:

Rose and Yellow Gold

To all those who’ve spent years advocating for the sophisticated white gold and platinum jewelry, we can finally say we’ve told you so. Sure, white is still classy and elegant, but yellow gold is no longer perceived as tacky. And it never should have been. Yellow is for the brave, warm-hearted, and stately.

As is fashion itself.

A more romantic, but also a safer variant of the yellow gold engagement ring band introduces a gorgeous rosy tint, evocative of a blushing bride. Both trends pair beautifully with traditional white rocks, either as a hero center stone or as a mosaic of petite ones. Long may they reign over platinum.

Halo-Style Settings

Pear, oval, and cushion cuts will dominate the 2019 diamond style trends as the most dazzling representatives of the vintage engagement ring. But thin bands with center stones will no longer suffice as the leading engagement ring cut.

Halo settings are the new princess cut.

Paired with intricate bands, halo-style diamond shoulders help transform a uniform stone into a magnificent piece of art. And, not only that. Halos can now be added to any cut, allowing brides to create their own, bespoke engagement rings with custom diamond colors and special band designs.

Time-Honored Cuts

Vintage will hardly ever go out of style, and for a good reason. Its timelessness is best explained with the example of the diamond engagement ring, where vintage design enables a perfect combination of traditional, modern, and personalized. And in this category, the next year will be all about art-deco.

More precisely, the trilogy setting.

Ladies opting for a less extravagant vintage design will get to choose between emerald or oval cuts, which are nothing less exquisite when combined with colored diamonds in pear or cushion shapes. Combining bright colors with vintage cuts will be very IN in 2019.

Colored Diamonds

And there's luckily no shortage of colors to choose from. Colored and fancy diamonds will be the most whimsical counterparts to the traditional white diamond engagement ring, picked by brides who aren’t afraid to break some molds of typical wedding fashion.

Ladies will adore the multi-toned stones trend too.

Yellow and other various colored diamonds are bound to explode in 2019. Either as center stones or as part of halo settings, these bright and shiny rocks will hopefully not only stick around for the duration of this trend but will also change the engagement ring etiquette forever.

If it’s your turn to pick an engagement ring in 2019, go bold. Just as diamonds last forever, this piece of jewelry will be with you for the rest of your days. Don’t choose the same old design that’s been in your family for generations, but make it your own with unconventional shapes, colors, and settings.

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