Tahitian Pearl Color Chart

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Different Tahitian Black Pearl Colors

Tahitian pearls have a variety of overtones that give them a unique natural body color that isn’t seen in any other pearl family. These overtones can range from light pink to dark blue. Although the primary body colors of Tahitian pearls are green and black, these overtones can create beautiful one-of-a-kind colors.

Since these overtones can pretty much be any color of the rainbow, Kyllonen Luxury has put together a detailed chart to help you distinguish between overtones when your shopping for Black pearl jewelry.

Here is our in-depth Tahitian pearl color chart:

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Pearl Color

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Gem Dark
Gem Dark Tahitian pearls are of the highest quality. They have excellent luster and exquisitely round shape with no flaws. They’re unique in their intensely deep black color. These are the darkest pearls on the market.
Gem Purple
Gem Purple is one of the highest quality Tahitian pearls available. Since it is of Gem Grade this pearl has excellent luster and a perfectly round shape. The color has a purple greenish tint. Overall a Gem Purple pearl has a green base with a slight purple hue and in rare cases nearly all purple.
Gem Purple
Gem Blue-Green
Gem Blue-Green pearls are also of the highest quality available. They carry excellent luster and a perfectly round shape. These pearls are mostly green but have a unique blue tint.
Gem Blue Green
Gem Peacock
Gem Peacock pearls are named after the bird for a reason. Like the other Gem Grade pearls, they have excellent luster and pristine roundness. Their unique color combines shades of gold, purple, green, and blue - just like a peacock
Gem Peacock
AAA Dark
AAA Dark pearls are some of the darkest Tahitian pearls you will find, behind Gem Dark. AAA Dark Tahitian pearls are the third highest quality pearls that Kyllonen Luxury sells. They feature good to excellent luster and are near round. AAA Dark Tahitian pearls are intensely dark grey yet still feature a silver luster.
AAA Dark
AAA Purple
AAA Purple pearls also have good to excellent luster and are of near round shape. AAA Purple pearls carry a soft purple overtone. The main body of AAA Purple is black but the purple hue is very noticeable to the naked eye.
AAA Purple
AAA Blue-Green
AAA Blue-Green, like the others, have good to excellent luster and near round shape. These pearls have a light blue-green overtone. This overtone is less saturated than the Gem Grade Blue-Green pearls but is still overwhelmingly present.
AAA Blue Green
AAA Peacock
AAA Peacock pearls are of the same quality of other AAA pearls but feature a slight peacock tint - less intense than the Gem Grade Peacock but still very colorful. The AAA Peacock features slight yellow and purple tones on top of a black color base.
AAA Peacock

There you have it! Your complete color guide to Tahitian pearls. If you’re looking for more information on Tahitian pearls color and value check out Kyllonen Luxury’s expert blog!