Genuine Tahitian Pearls: Their Properties, Meanings & Mysteries

December 12, 2018 0 Comments


The Tahitian or Black pearls are known as one of the most beautiful pearls on the planet. Its mystical green color has caused infatuation for centuries. And with this infatuation has come countless legends and stories about the power of Black pearls.

Legends tied to the Black pearls have been passed down for generations. Their mystical elements are tied to Polynesian and Chinese cultures. For years, people have seen Black pearls as a gem that brings good fortune and health.

Throughout this post, we will provide you with everything that makes Tahitian pearls so special. From their unique properties to their meanings & mysteries, Tahitian pearls are a gem to be treasured.

Tahitian Pearls Properties

Tahitian pearls have a variety of properties that have a huge influence on their value, quality, and grade. Ranging from saturation to size, each Tahitian pearl has a variety of unique properties that are extremely important to its value.

Why are Black Pearls Black?

The most unique property about the Tahitian pearl is its stunning green saturation. No other pearl on the planet carries this greenish purple tint making them extremely valuable. These colors, or overtones, are a result of being cultured in the black-lipped Pinctada Margaritifera oyster. When a pearl is formed in the Pinctada Margaritifera’s thick band of black, it absorbs the coloring, creating the magnificent black saturation of the Tahitian pearl.

Tahitian Pearl Value & Saturation

Tahitian black pearls are all about saturation. The higher and fuller the saturation of green, purple, or pink the higher the value of the pearl. Although there is no universal grading system for black pearls, vendors tend to put a large emphasis on the saturation of color and luster in Tahitian pearls when deciding the quality and grade of this pearl.

The Legends of the Black Pearl


As we stated before, the Tahitian pearl has a large number of legends and mysteries tied to it. For generations, people have believed Black pearls to have a significant power.

The Polynesian Legends of the Black Pearl

There are two significant legends tied to the Black pearl in the Polynesian culture. The first goes like this:

The Tahitian pearl is the result of the Moon’s power. The Moon bathes the ocean with its beautiful light every night. On these nights, the moon pulls the oysters to its light. When the oysters arrive at the surface of the ocean, the Moon graces them with a heavenly dew which then produces these beautiful colorful pearls.

The second Polynesian legend goes like this:

Oro, the mythical god of fertility and peace, once visited the Earth. Oro arrived on a rainbow with a gift in hand. This gift, the mystical Black pearl, was given to Princess Bora Bora. The Tahitian pearl was presented as a gift of love. The legend goes on to say that even now when a Black pearl is gifted, it represents eternal ever-lasting love.

The Chinese Legend of the Black Pearl

The Chinese have also tied mystery to the Tahitian pearl. Although, instead of love, they see the Tahitian pearl as a symbol of wisdom. Here is their legend:

The Tahitian pearl is the ultimate symbol of wisdom. Legend states that these pearls were created in the heads of dragons. Dragons have been tied to wisdom in Chinese culture for centuries. Dragons carried Black pearls in their teeth and these pearls are the ultimate form of infinite wisdom.

The Tahitian pearl is itself one of the most beautiful gems on the planet. The legends tied to it only make the gift of a Black pearl even more meaningful. If you’re looking for the perfect special gift to give to your significant other, check out Kyllonen Luxury’s selection of Tahitian pearl jewelry. Our selection of Tahitian pearl jewelry is all 100% original designs so you're guaranteed a one-of-a-kind special gift for your loved one.