Why Wedding Guest Jewelry Etiquette Matters

December 11, 2018 0 Comments


A wedding ceremony is the perfect occasion to spend a little extra on a gorgeous outfit and dazzling jewelry. For most fashionable ladies, it’s an opportunity like no other. Unlike your typical office party, a wedding allows you to make a bold statement and wear something exceptional, fun and unexpected.

At least that’s how inexperienced wedding guests think.

The reality is, your style should never overshadow the soon-to-be-married couple. A wedding is a formal event, and it implies a perfect amount of elegance. The etiquette, therefore, applies not only to the bride and groom’s choice of dress code but also to you as their guest.

Here’s why a wedding guest jewelry etiquette is so important:

It’s All About the Bride

Dust off your old wedding photos and try to remember important your wedding day was to you. You needed it to be just right. In case that day hasn’t come yet for you, we’ll clue you in on a little secret – come wedding day, everything and everyone is less important than the two people exchanging their vows.

Believe it or not, this extends to your choice of jewelry too. If you decide to wear a statement piece, you might steal the limelight from the bride. If you choose to go for diamonds, you might shine brighter than her wedding dress. The etiquette is so important because, ultimately, it’s all about her.

Planning a Fabulous Wedding Day Is So Hard

Many couples make a mistake of believing that their wedding planning process won’t be as difficult to endure as everyone else’s. This is a common misconception. Every bride and groom bend over backward to make their day perfect.

Wedding guest jewelry etiquette is there to help them create a beautiful, stylish and elegant event that they’ll be happy to remember for the rest of their lives. In wedding guest jewelry etiquette, less is more and small is better.

Celebrate Their Love, Not Your Sense of Style


A wedding ceremony is a celebration of love. If you have been invited to your friends’ special day then it’s a testimony of how much your friendship means to them. Don’t belittle that gesture by appearing at the ceremony with every color of the rainbow in your jewelry set. Go for red, green, or purple, not everything in between.

When it comes to color, wedding guest jewelry etiquette recommends yellow as well. In fact, any elegant color except for white is allowed. Since subtleness is key, make sure to pair your colorful jewelry with clothes in minimalistic style. Curb your quirkiness and wear something simple and sophisticated.

Choose Classic Pieces

Unless the wedding theme is unconventional itself, opt for classic accessories and try not to overdo it. Avoid chunky bracelets and stick to stud earrings and small pendants. With diamonds being reserved for the bride, timeless pearls may just be the best and most tasteful thing to wear as a wedding guest.

Such jewelry etiquette may be shy for your personal taste but following it is for the best. After all, that’s the entire point of dress codes – to allow the bride and groom to shine.

So, the next time you get invited to a wedding, consider replacing your statement pieces with event-appropriate accessories. Jewelry etiquette actually serves to help you make the most glamorous fashion choice without coming off as tasteless or as if you are trying to outshine the bride and groom.

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