What Diamond Color Costs the Most?

December 12, 2018 0 Comments

Diamond Colors

The rarer the diamond…. the higher the cost. Therefore, the rarest color of diamond will carry the heftiest price. Cost is also correlated to supply and demand. Some diamonds are in high demand due to beauty their beauty. This is especially true for pink diamonds.

That leads us to the question… What diamond color costs the most?


Red diamonds have traditionally held the highest price tag in the industry. There’s a variety of factors that determine the price of a diamond and color is directly one of them.

Here is how color affects the price of diamonds and how red tops the list as the most expensive diamond color on the market:

Why Does Color Affect the Price of Diamonds

Color is one of the 4C’s that affect the price of diamonds. The other three are cut, clarity, and carat. Color is the second most important factor that determines a diamond's value next to cut. When taking color into account, the less color in the diamond, the higher the value of the diamond.


This is only for colorless diamonds.

For example, a colorless diamond with a hint of yellow or brown will be of lesser value than a pristine clear, colorless diamond.

When assessing colored, or fancy diamonds, color is valued in a different way. The higher the intensity of the diamond, the higher the price tag. The rarity of the color will also have a direct effect on the price tag of the diamond, especially in the case of red diamonds.

Red Diamonds - the Most Expensive Diamond in the World

 Red Diamond

There’s no denying that red diamonds take home the prize as the rarest diamond in the world. There are certain speculations on what diamond is actually the most expensive but as of right now the prices of red diamonds are hard to compare.

The price tag of red diamonds is so high because these are the rarest diamonds on the planet. A red diamond carries the highest intensity of all diamonds and a pure red diamond is yet to be discovered. What you’ll see on the market are fancy purplish red diamonds or brownish red diamonds, never a true full red diamond.

The Price of Red Diamonds

The physical price of red diamonds is more than most people can afford. Per carat, a 0.20ct red diamond can cost you about $300,000. Red diamond prices depend on countless factors, but intensity has a great influence on the price of a red diamond. One of the most famous red diamonds ever, the Hancock Red Diamond, was sold for a record amount of $880,000 at Christie's in New York in 1987. However, once red diamonds are over 1ct in size they can reach prices between $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 per carat!

Overall, red takes home the award of the most expensive diamond. The exquisite intense saturation of red diamonds is truly beyond compare. If you’re looking to purchase some colored diamond jewelry, be sure to check out what Kyllonen Luxury has to offer. We also accept special and custom requests!