How to take any outfit to the next level.

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How to Take Any Outfit to the Next Level

An easy way to step up any style for all occasions.

"Dress to Impress"

Impressions are often an important part of our day to day life and not just first impressions. Impressions are made up of several elements: How we look, talk, act and feel.  

Before you even say a word, people analyze and assess you; for better or for worse. Sometimes that impression is important such as first dates, work/business, or special events. In order to make the right impression, it often said, “Dress for Success”.

What’s amazing about this simple advice is that not only does it work, but it also makes you feel better and more confident. Your confidence is one of the keys to making that right impression.

If you want to help take your outfit to the next level most people turn to accessories. Jewelry is often a go-to accessory to making that outfit really pop, but the type of jewelry you select has to be appropriate jewelry for the right occasion. Luckily, pearl earrings are a classic staple that will take any outfit and instantly upgrade the class.

When pearl jewelry entered the fashion trends, it has made a widely known and eye-catching presence. Ever since then, its class and elegance have been stepping up any casual or formal outfit which the right partner for any day or night occasion is.

Pearl stud earrings, in particular, can add a positive gleam in any outfit which makes the look just right. Whether you are going on a date on a warm summer evening or a formal dinner party on a breezy winter night, adding a pair of the right pearl earrings can add a classy charm to your look.

Here are a few ways to pick the right pearl stud earrings as a partner for your outfit.

  1. Choose your budget. (Freshwater or Sea Pearls?)
  2. Pick your color.(Match your personality)
  3. Pick your Quality(Are you a perfectionist?)
  4. Size (Small and Cute or Big and Bold?)

Freshwater or Sea Pearls?


There are various, impressive reasons for you to choose freshwater pearls to be studded into your earrings. Freshwater pearls are often considered the starter pearls. If you don't know too much about pearls or never bought pearls before, Freshwater pearls are a great way to start! Freshwater pearls are usually only half the price for its seawater counterparts.

This particular kind of pearls is tough against rough handling, making it the perfect choice for an everyday piece of jewelry whether you wear to work or to a not so formal party. They offer a nice luster. Freshwater pearls are not large investment either, making them easily replaceable if you have an accident. Additionally, they still providing that classy pearl jewelry look.

Sea Pearls

Saltwater Pearls don’t fall short of widening your eyes with awe. This special kind of pearls are quite rare, as the saltwater oyster mostly produce one pearl at a time. The rarity makes it more of an investment, but what makes the Sea pearls special is they are perfectly round in shape and have a mirror-like luster that will light up not only your outfit but your eyes as well, with amazement.

The Japanese Akoya Pearls are the epitome of the classic white pearls. If you are choosing for pearls to be worn in high level, special occasions or as something you will keep in your collection with the utmost care and love, Akoya Pearls might be exactly what you are looking for. However, if you want a more exotic look or something special, there are plenty of other options for sea pearls.


White Pearl - Classic

White pearl earrings are the mother of all pearl stud earrings, the decided classic. They are the number one choice when it comes to choosing pearl earrings, as their absolute elegance can add class to a formal, business suit.

Getting married? They are the go-to pearl color because of their sophisticated beauty. They also can range in a variety of sizes depending on the type of pearl you choose.

The major benefit of white color pearls is that they match any skin tone and any occasion. Not only are the classic white pearls for a high-end event, they can also add plus points to a casual, jeans or skirt outfit as well.

White Pearls are what started all the fashion trends and have the most history out of pearl choices. From ancient kings and queens to modern celebrities. White pearls can be seen virtually everywhere in todays society.

Black Pearls - Exotic

If your looking for something more tropical or exotic than Tahitian Black Pearls are exactly what you are looking for. Black Pearls come in many colors! (Not Just Black).

These pearls are considered to me more formal in nature but also have a bit more personality. The down full is you can lose some versitility that you get with a classic white pearl. They come in larger sizes started at 8mm.

If your skin complexion has warm undertones, a pair of Tahitian black pearl stud earrings might be just the right choice for you to boost up your outfit. Black pearl stud earrings with purple, blue or green hues will make the best partner for your attire that will complement your style.

Additionally, Black pearls have a special quality of knowing they were cultivated in some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth, French Polynesia.

want somethingTRULY special?

Gold Pearls - Luxury

South Sea Gold Pearls are a true treasure! The darker the color the rarer they are. They might not fit everyone personal style, but they will be sure to get people to stop and stare. They typically come in larger sizes starting around 9mm.

These pearls usually come from the remote locations in the Philippines and are a real treat. Sometimes you have to treat yourself to the wonders of nature.

Gold pearls are very formal and usually best match White, Black, Green, and Blue attire.

Nothing you like?

If you didn't see anything that was suitable for you, Dont worry! Freshwater pearls actually come in many colors. The typically colors besides white are: Purple, Pink, Peach, Green-Blue

These colors are a playful way to match just about any outfit with the right color combination. These pearls are typically considered less formal and better for everyday wear. But don't get confused, these pearls are cute and classy.

BONUS* They also come in a wide variety of sizes too!

Where to Buy Pearl Earrings?

If you are on a hunt for the right place from where you can buy genuine pearl earrings, then look no more and no further. Kyllonen provides you the ease and comfort of browsing through a wide range of pearl jewelry and offers only the best, high-quality pearl jewelry. We expertly hand pick every pearl, to take only the top 5% available in the world with a quality and authenticity guaranteed. Kyllonen marks all of our jewelry with our logo give you the assurance you are getting a true Kyllonen product. We also carry a large variety of high-grade pearls that will make a splendid statement in your casual or classy style.

Pearl jewelry has been capturing our hearts and enchanting our minds ever since it made its first arrival, and it looks like it will never leave the throne. We assure you that this guide will help you choose the perfect pearl stud earrings that will match your outfit like a missing puzzle piece so that you can go out there and catch the spotlight with magnificent class and elegance!

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