Everyday Dresses to Show Off Your Pearls

February 13, 2019 0 Comments

While some women might argue that pearl jewelry is reserved only for special occasions, others claim the opposite. We belong to the latter group. As you might already know, pearl jewelry can accompany many types of outfits and transform them into stylish and elegant combinations.

Today we are going to talk about dresses and how to wear pearls every day. More precisely, everyday dresses that will help you show off your pearls and look fabulous with no effort at all.

Here is our guide on how to wear pearls every day without looking old-fashioned:

Colorful Maxi Beach Dress

The colorful maxi beach dress is one of the most common everyday dresses out there. This dress is the queen of casual outfits. You can wear it when you want to feel comfortable on hot summer days and still be able to finish some errands. In fact, this dress is so casual that you can easily conclude that it is impossible to add an exquisite element to it.

Enter pearl jewelry. The design of a colorful maxi beach dress exposes a lot of skin around your neck which is the perfect opportunity to put your pearl necklace on display. A sophisticated accessory such as a pearl necklace and the casual spirit of this dress will create an attention-grabbing contrast.

White Summer Dress



Everyday summer dresses are designed to be thin and comfortable. Breathable materials are quite often used in these dresses to allow you to enjoy your night out. A casual stroll through the city is also a great opportunity to wear a white summer dress. This is why there is at least one of these in almost every women’s wardrobe.

If you don't know how to wear pearls without looking old-fashioned, this combo will help you figure it out. With one simple touch, you can incorporate this dress into an outfit that screams modern glamour.

Pair a white dress with an oversized pearl necklace or may a simple pair of pearl studs. A simple pearl bracelet or taking your hair up and putting on those lovely pearl earrings will also work.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress has truly revolutionized the world of women’s fashion. Today you can see many women wearing it for work, meetings, and more casual events. The little black dress and pearl jewelry share one thing in common – they are both the epitome of versatility. The LBD is the answer to the decades-old question of how to wear pearls every day.

If you own a strapless little black dress, pearl jewelry can be paired for informal occasions. A simple pearl ring will paint your outfit with sophistication, but you will still appear casual. You can pair it with a pearl necklace to enhance the appearance for more formal events. The LBD is the perfect complement to any pearl jewelry.

Skater Dress

Skater dresses are a favorite everyday piece for women. Being able to give this dress a twirl whenever you want will make you feel elegant yet bold and ready to go for whatever is on your schedule.

To balance out the outfit, you can always add an elegant pearl necklace. The only thing you have to worry about is to properly pair the color of your pearls with the color of your dress.

We hope that we have shed some like on the age-old questions of how to wear pearls without looking old-fashioned and how to wear pearls every day. These everyday dresses will help you put your favorite pieces of pearl jewelry on display effortlessly.

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