Diamond Necklace Jewelry Design Ideas

January 07, 2019 0 Comments

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend and there’s rarely a woman that doesn’t enjoy being gifted a pair. Whether it’s a diamond necklace, a diamond ring, or a pair of perfect diamond earrings, these precious little gemstones can make any elegant outfit significantly more sophisticated.

However, it can sometimes be tough finding just the right diamond necklace that perfectly matches your preferences. You may have even thought up a diamond necklace design and you start searching for it, only to find disappointment on the way as that particular design doesn’t seem to exist anywhere. Frustrating, isn’t it?

That’s why we offer you the option of creating your own custom diamond necklace at Kyllonen Luxury. You can design the diamond necklace you’ve always wanted! Here are some of the most popular diamond necklace jewelry design ideas that may spark your imagination and help you come up with a breathtaking piece of jewelry.

Mysterious Crescent Moon

If you’re looking for something unique, you can design a diamond necklace with a pendant in the shape of a crescent moon. A crescent moon symbolizes femininity, spirituality, and enlightenment. It will add a sense of mystery to your every outfit. The moon is actually one of the most common pendant designs nowadays, but you can make yours one-of-a-kind.

Fiery Sun

A diamond necklace with a pendant in the shape of the sun can also be a statement piece, especially since the sun symbolizes the circle of life and eternity. You can even combine the sun and moon shapes and design a completely unique diamond necklace that will exude power and strength.

Romantic Heart

If you’re a hopeless romantic, then a heart-shaped diamond necklace is definitely your way to go. A heart necklace doesn’t necessarily need to be a plain, ordinary heart. There are plenty of ways to play with the heart shape and colors to make it interesting and unique, especially if you combine small gemstones of different colors and sizes to make a heart.

Reminiscent Raindrop

If you’re a pluviophile, that is, if you find joy and peace of mind during rainy days, a raindrop pendant diamond necklace might be your perfect choice. It can be a simple full raindrop, or a cutout outline raindrop, the latter of which you can enrich with a few gemstones inside.

Hopeful Anchor

An anchor is truly a fantastic choice for a diamond necklace pendant. Not only does it symbolize hope and safety, but it can actually look very pretty, no matter what type of jewelry you choose it for. If you love the ocean and feel absolute serenity when you’re on the water, or you simply love the shape and symbolism, use an anchor as your design inspiration.

Geometric Shapes

There’s absolutely no shortage of possibilities when it comes to geometric shapes. You could use one or combine more and design a unique diamond necklace that everyone will want for themselves. It can feature triangle, oval, circle, and square shapes. This look can truly be stunning, especially if they’re all free-moving.

If you have any diamond necklace jewelry design ideas, feel free to contact us and we’ll create the perfect custom diamond necklace for you. Check out the diamond pendantsin our jewelry collection, as you may find exactly what you’ve been looking for, or they may inspire you to come up with something entirely unique.

Contact us today for more information on our custom diamond necklace designs.