Inner Heart Ruby Pendant

.25ct | Natural Ruby | 18k

  • Inner Heart Pendant
  • High-Quality Natural Ruby
  • Unheated

*All Pendants include a 18in (45cm) adjustable necklace.

Included in Purchase

Elegant Wood Box with Piano Finish

Specialized Micro Cloth Design to Never Scratch.

Kyllonen Quality Difference

Adjustable Necklace

Kyllonen Necklace are designed to be suitable for all types of people and for any style your choose.

We know your are tired of having necklaces not fit properly or not be suitable with different outfits and styles. Kyllonen necklaces are always perfect.

Easy Grasp Tab

All Kyllonen necklaces include and easy grasp tab. Most jewelry companies forget that jewelry shouldnt be difficult to wear!

Our tabs give your something to hold on to when you want to clasp our unclasp your necklace. No need to waste time with Kyllonen jewelry.

Necklace Chain Quality

Many jewelers these days focus on cost and margins. At Kyllonen we focus on quality and service.

Don't get stuck buying 14k necklaces that are usually under 1 gram. Kyllonen necklaces are a durable 18k and 1.6grams

Pendant Quality

Kyllonen Pendants are always 18k. We designed our jewelry to be durable and long lasting. Kyllonen maintains minimum thickness standards to maintain our quality.

Dont be afraid to show off your jewelry. You can be proud to know your bought Kyllonen quality.

Gemstone Quality

Kyllonen uses only high quality gemstones that are never heated or treated in anyway. With Kyllonen you can trust you will receive pure natural gemstones.

Kyllonen handselects the best gemstone for each design. Many of our gemstones colors are top in the industry such as: Royal Blue and Pigeon Blood.