Cluster Diamond Earrings


Diamond | 18k Gold

The Cluster Diamond Earrings make quite the impression. With a larger center diamond and slightly smaller diamonds surrounding it. These earring give a very large and shiny effect.

Product Details

Cluster Diamond Earrings

Gemstone: Diamond

Size: .25-1ct

Color: G-H

Clarity: VS1-VS2

Material: 18k Gold

Cluster diamond Earrings

*Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery

Who We Are

“We only provide works that make us proud. All pearls are selected from the industry's highest quality 1%, and all Kyllonen brand accessories are custom-made. The goal is quality pieces that brings value. We make jewelry that brings a legacy. Everything we do represents our name and our brand."

- Founder James Kyllonen


Diamond Quality

Jewelry Quality

Whats included

Elegant piano black paint wooden box, lined with refined suede to produce an elegant atmosphere. Also included is a pearl care cloth, made of professional nano cloth material.



Delivery time, after you have successfully placed your order and payment, we can generally ship the existing style within 5-7 days, and the made-to-order and customized product will take about 20-35 days.

This shop's products are customized products, if there is no quality problem does not support return. None customized products have a 14 Day return policy.

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