Pearl Earrings

When pearl jewelry entered the fashion trends, it has made a widely known and eye-catching presence. Its class and elegance have been stepping up any casual or formal outfit which the right partner for any day or night occasion is.

Pearl stud earrings can add a positive gleam in any outfit which makes the look just right. Whether you are going on a date on a warm summer evening or a formal dinner party on a breezy winter night, adding a pair of the right pearl earrings can add a classy charm to your look.

Here are a few ways to pick the right pearl stud earrings as a partner for your outfit.

  1. Choose your budget. (Freshwater or Sea Pearls?)
  2. Pick your color.(Match your personality)
  3. Pick your Quality(Are you a perfectionist?)
  4. Size (Small and Cute or Big and Bold?)

Freshwater Earrings

The Starter Set - $115

Freshwater pearls are often considered the starter pearls. If you don't know too much about pearls or never bought pearls before, Freshwater pearls are a great way to start!

  • High Quality Luster - Up to HALF the price of Akoyas!
  • Perfect for everyday wear.
  • Takes any outfit to the next level.

AKoya Pearl Earrings

The Classic - $185

Saltwater Pearls don’t fall short of widening your eyes with awe. This special kind of pearls are quite rare, as the saltwater oyster mostly produce one pearl at a time.

  • Mirror-like Luster - Sure to grab peoples attention!
  • One Step Higher - Perfect for evening events
  • History - Be apart of something special

Need some Color?


Black Pearls

From $220


South Sea Gold

From $220



From $120

Want to Learn more?

Check out our blog post which goes into more detail on how pearls can take any outift to the next level and how to select the perfect set of earrings.