Facet Black Pearl Ring

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Tahitian | 18k Gold

  • Facet Pearl Ring
  • Black Pearl
  • Diamond Color G-H, Flaw VS1-VS2

*Made-to-Order: Allow 4 weeks for delivery

Included in Purchase

Elegant Wood Box with Piano Finish

Specialized Micro Cloth Design to Never Scratch.

Kyllonen Quality Difference

Kyllonen Pearl Grading Scale

Gem Grade Pearls

These are the best pearls in the world. They display the best luster with mirror like reflections. Gem pearls. Show rich color or orient. These pearls set on jewelry will show no flaws or blemishes. This Category is generally not used for South Sea White or Gold Pearls.

Surface:  No visible blemish

Luster:    Excellent

Color:      High Saturation or Orient

Near Gem Grade Pearls

Near Gem exhibits all the qualities of Gem quality with strong luster and color; however, near gem may show some slight flaw visible when set on jewelry. This Category is generally not used for South Sea White or Gold Pearls.

Surface:  1 or more visible blemishes

Luster:   Excellent

Color:     High Saturation or Orient

AAA Grade Pearls

These Pearls are among the top pearls in the world. They show beautiful luster and a clean surface. These pearls set on jewelry will show no flaws or blemishes.

Surface:  No visible blemish

Luster:   Excellent

AA Grade Pearl

AA+ grade pearls are excellent pearls that display great beauty; however, these pearls are the lowest standard carried by Kyllonen. These pearls will appear to be nearly flawless when set on jewelry; with only close inspection revealling any blemish.

Surface: 1 or more visible blemishes

Luster:   Very Good to Excellent

Color:     Medium Saturation or Orient 

Ring Quality

Kyllonen uses minimum width standards for all its products and none is more important than a Ring.

Rings quality is so important because it is the only peice of jewelry which gets actively used. You use your hands for almost everything, and that wears on a ring. Thin rings cut cost but also cut quality. The problem is that making a ring too thin leads to damaged or broken rings.

Dont waste your money. Get Kyllonen quality.


All Kyllonen products are marked with our logo to ensure your are receiving a genuine Kyllonen product.

Don't get fooled by fakes which cut down on quality but try to mimic Kyllonen designs. Kyllonen has a quality promise and seeing the Kyllonen logo can give you the confidence that your bought a quality product that you can be proud of.

Gold Purity

Kyllonen only uses true 18k gold for its gold products. This is the highest quality standard for Jewelry.

18k means the ring is atleast 75% gold (marked 18k or 750). 18k is the legal minimum international standard for gold.

14k which is not considered gold in many countries only contains 58.33% gold. Worse yet, many jewelers these days under carat, meaning they give you 13k or even 12k instead of 14k.

Diamond Quality

Kyllonen uses only the best melee diamonds (accent diamonds). Many jewelers are using single cut diamonds with low color and poor clarity.

Kyllonen uses full cut diamonds, G-H color, and VS1-VS2 Clarity. These means all your diamonds, big or small, have that intense, brillant sparkle that you deserve.