Coil Faceted Sea Pearl Bracelet

Akoya and Tahtian Black Pearl

Tahitian & Akoya | 18k Gold

The beauty of white Akoya pearls and Tahitian black pearls come together in this beautiful two-pearl faceted coil bracelet. The facets of this 18k gold bracelet can not be understated. They create a beautiful shimmering diamond effect and really bling.

Product Details

Coil Faceted Sea Pearl Bracelet

Pearl: Tahitian and Akoya

Size: 8mm

Quality: Gem/Near Gem

Color: White and Green

Shape: Round

Material: 18k Gold

*Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

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“We only provide works that make us proud. All pearls are selected from the industry's highest quality 1%, and all Kyllonen brand accessories are custom-made. The goal is quality pieces that brings value. We make jewelry that brings a legacy. Everything we do represents our name and our brand."

- Founder James Kyllonen

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What's included

Kyllonen Box and Cloth

Elegant piano black paint wooden box, lined with refined suede to produce an elegant atmosphere. Also included is a pearl care cloth, made of professional nano cloth material.


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